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Martin Battilana is a photographer fascinated with the medium of photography - with the nature of film, the peculiarities of the digital sensor, the effects of light through glass and the light sensitivities of the ordinary elements around us.

Always exploring, the photographer is currently pushing the boundaries and limits of the Platinum/Palladium and Gum Bi-chromate processes from both digital and large format negatives.

Current images produced by the photographer (can be seen here) were produced using a highly modified Polaroid Industrial copy camera that he has designed to be used hand-held and accept 4x5 sheet film. This type of photography can be considered to be more of an exploration of the medium. It is probably pursued more to satisfy the photographer’s sense of curiosity than anything that might be thought to have been created with an end in mind. 

The photographer specializes in documentary, portraiture and still (set) photography. He is currently working and living in the mountains of western Montana.




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